A community-based programme for children in need of physiotherapy and/or occupational therapy. Many of these children have cerebral palsy caused by a congenital disorder, birth injury, or damage as a result of cerebral malaria. Others have learning disabilities, epilepsy or hydrocephalus. This is not an exhaustive list.

Evas, a trained Occupational Therapist as well as the Project Manager, has set up Life Skills Clinics in different locations. These clinics give parents and carers the opportunity to learn how to massage, exercise and position their children, and help them develop “life skills” such as sitting, chewing, verbalising, crawling and walking.

As they grow and develop the children are encouraged to do as much as possible for themselves. This is not only important for their physical health but also their mental and emotional health.

The clinics act as parent support groups, giving parents the chance to help and encourage one another. Where possible Evas also visits families in their own homes to give advice and support.

Project needs money for:

  • wooden made-to-measure chairs made by a local carpenter
  • wheelchairs, specially designed for the child and the rough terrain.
  • transport – fuel, repairs including tyre replacements
  • salary of Occupational Therapist
  • learning aids
  • food for severely malnourished children


Rehabilitation and Community Centre 

In 2018, the Project with support from Mission Direct, opened a Rehabiliation and Community Centre based in Rukungiri town at North Kigezi Diocese. This Centre is open from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, as a drop in for children with disabilities and their caregivers. There are also specialised clinics organised for children with particular disabilities e.g. cerebral palsy. 

The vision is that this Centre will be a place of light, hope, joy, learning and friendship for disabled children and their parents. In Uganda, a disabled child may be kept hidden indoors, unable even to socialise or play. When a child is brought to the Centre, they are able to

  • use specialised therapy equipment 
  • play and interact with other children
  • play with toys

At the Centre, caregivers are able to

  • receive counselling and support from Chilli Children staff
  • socialise with other parents and caregivers of children with disabilities 
  • share ideas and wisdom with other parents and caregivers
  • know that they are not alone

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