With every step you take, you can make a difference in the lives of Ugandan children.

This September, you can join our mission to walk (or run) your way to providing a better life for the Chilli Children of Rukungiri.

Simply join our Chilli Runners and Walkers and cover a distance of

120 miles (4 miles per day) during the month of September, if you’re able.

If 120 miles would be a little too much for you, you can choose to do four exercises per day, such as:

Walk around your garden 4 times

Walk to end of driveway 4 times

Walk around the block 4 times

Walk around pond/park 4 times

We welcome any kind of activity done four times a day, even if this means you have to use a walking aid!

In previous years, the funds raised from this initiative have been able to provide a new ambulance and motor bike for the Project to use.

Not to mention the new and lasting friendships that have formed because of it, too.

Where will your steps take you?

Find out this September with Chilli Children.

To discover more, visit our fundraising page, here: https://www.stewardship.org.uk/.../chillirunnersandwalker...

Or to set up your own fundraiser, follow this link: https://www.stewardship.org.uk/partners/20095422

Download your sponsor sheet here:


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