Our in-country trustee Emily met up with Warren today. Warren is blind, and has been part of the Chilli Children Project since he was young. The Project sponsored him through primary and secondary education, and he passed so well that he got a scholarship to a University in Kampala! He is now in his final year. 
A private donation has recently enabled Warren to purchase some books in Braille, including the Alpha Course and 'Crime and Love Stories of the Bible'. Warren is a mentor to first year students, a student counsellor AND he has WRITTEN A BOOK on all things philosophy and politics, which he hopes will be published next year. 
Huge dreams, huge courage. A huge thanks to the Chilli Children Project for investing so much in Warren, a world changer. 

**Warren is in need of a laptop. Then, for the equivalent of around £50 it can be adjusted to suit his needs. If anyone has a laptop to donate, please comment here or message Emily Braybrook (trustee) on Facebook**