Dear all,

I just want to encourage you and all the time and effort you put into the Trust.

Today I had to pop to the Chilli children office to pick up some receipts. Upon arrival there were two children and their caregivers at the office too.

One girl (see photo) is almost 4 years old, though looks 1. She is severely malnourished and only eats rice. Her skin is dry and peeling all over her body, and her hair is blonde and thin, both due to the malnutrition. She also has a problem with her right eye which is a separate issue. Despite being almost 4, she can’t even walk yet.

The second boy (see photo) went to a village clinic two months ago for a routine injection in his bum. Because ofof the poor training of the nurse, she injected into the sciatica nerve which has caused PIP (post injection paralysis) in his right leg, causing a ‘foot drop’ and his leg to freeze in the position seen in the photo. Evas is sending him to CORSU next month for surgery.

Thank God that the project is there to receive such desperate caregivers and their children.  Without Evas, the team, the trust and the donors, these people would remain helpless with no treatment,support or hope for their children.

I look forward to updating you on the progress of both of these cases.