From Emily Braybrook our trustee in Rukungiri.
My heart is literally aching today. This video was made in November about Provia and her mum.
"The village elders told Provia's mother to kill her when she was born" - I've been here today reflecting on so many things. Thank God Provia's mother did not listen to them.
Provia bought utter joy and devotion to her mother. She bought joy to the Chilli Children Project. She experienced what it was like to be loved. She prayed, oh she prayed the most beautiful of prayers. I'm so grieving for a life lost but I trust now more than ever that God's plans are far beyond ours. He decided it was time to take her away from her pain. He gave Provia to this world for a short time but I'm so grateful that He did. And now she's home.
Click this link to hear "A song for Provia"